Captain's Quarters II BBS


CQ II is dedicated to vintage Macintosh and Apple IIgs users!

CQ II runs Mystic BBS software on a 2Ghz Core 2 Duo Mac Mini with OS X 10.6.8, which is about as retro as I could make it. CQ II was created because of a distinct lack of Mac BBS's out there. CQ I runs on an Apple IIgs and is at port 6502 and caters more to Apple II users. The original CQ ran Nexus software with an AE Line on an Apple IIe in northern MN back in the good ol' 80's.

• Post on Mac, Apple IIgs, or other retrocomputer-related forums.
• Play over 200 door games like LORD, Trade Wars, Oregon Trail, Lemonade Stand,
  and BBS Tournament Wordle!
• View Mac / IIgs-related text files containing walkthroughs, cheats, and hacks.
• Download vintage Mac / IIgs warez including 10,000+ files from The Eagle's Nest BBS
• View the latest news / tech / sports headlines. Even get your local weather forecast!
• View some awesome ANSI art and old BBS logon screens.
• Get on live local and international multi-chats, including inter relay chat.

Captain's Quarters II BBS


Apple IIgs

Apple IIgs users can get full color ANSI emulation with Spectrum using an Uthernet II card! You can also use Spectrum, ANSITerm, and ColorTERM with a modem-equipped IIgs.

Pre-OS X Macs
For modem-equipped Macs, I suggest using ZTerm (OS 6-9) terminal program. ZTerm supports ANSI-BBS but to get it to look right you've got to go under Settings -> Terminal and select zt-ibm font and check PC ANSI-BBS. atdt in the terminal.

For networked vintage Macs, the BEST way to connect to CQ II is with Christopher Swan's Black Night terminal program. It supports full ANSI, X Y and ZModem downloads, and is compatible with System 7 - OS 9.2.2. Setting it up for telnet and ANSI emulation is a bit of a pain, so I've created a preconfigured version to download here. Just follow the instructions in the Readme First document and you'll be BBS'ing in no time!

If you're lucky enough to own a compact Mac with an Ethernet connection, you can connect up with Black Night but the ANSI font needs to be smaller. To do this, go under Edit -> Session Settings and select Terminal. Click on Setup and change Point to 9 then click OK twice. Make sure to save your settings when you quit the program.

Early OS X Macs
Download Zoc version 6 terminal program. You'll need to adjust a few things so it looks nice with ANSI. Go under Edit Session Profile: Layout -> Character Set -> IBM/DOS/OEM (437), then Terminal Font -> Courier 8X14. Select Colors: Background Black, Normal Text White, and everything else Standard. Click Save.
Adjust your screen size to 80X24 by dragging the right lower corner of the window.
Click on Quick Connection: Connect to Port 6800, Connection Type Telnet -> click Configure -> Override session profile defaults -> Raw socket connection (so you can u/l & d/l) click OK, Emulation -> ANSI BBS, hit Connect and you should be BBS'ing!

Modern Computers
Don't want to take that pristine old computer off the shelf?! Get on with a modern terminal program like MuffinTERM for MacOS, Zoc (my favorite for my MBP), Icy Term, or SyncTERM (more PC-like). You can also connect directly from this web page below or through the excellent OS9 desktop-themed web page!

-Byte Knight, Sysop


Use the embedded telnet client below to log on now!

Made with a Mac!